Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Our ‘Trash To Fashion Parade’

We have spent this term exploring how we can reduce our waste at school and at home to improve our environment.  We have also learnt what happens with our rubbish once it has been collected.
We are all looking forward to visiting the Visy Recycling Centre to see first-hand how our rubbish is recycled.  We have had fun collecting and using rubbish from home and recycling these items as art, toys and clothing.
We used our ‘green hat thinking’ to create our amazing clothing from recycled materials. Perhaps we have some future entrants in the New Zealand Wearable Art Contest?  Who knows what the future may bring.
                                                       The gorgeous Room 15

                                        Over 200 Parents, relations and friends attended

                                                       Our lovely Year 4 presenters


  1. That was a seriously awesome day that day I really liked the look of every ones costumes. Charlotte F

  2. I Like Brianna's costume the best.

  3. I like everyone's costumes, especially I like Charlotte and Morgan's costume.

  4. That was the best day ever. I seriously loved it. it was sooo fun. by Abbie