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Build a Toy: Design Brief and Criteria (information for parents)

Build a Toy:
Design Brief and Criteria

Problem:   There are children who don’t have toys to play with and you have been asked to design and make a toy out of recycled and/or used materials.

Your toy must:
·       Be bright and attractive so that children will want to play with it.
·       Be made from recycled materials - apart from equipment used to join the components (pieces) of your toy together.
·       Be joined strongly enough to be used repeatedly
·       Be fun to use
·       Be safe
You must:
State who will use your toy and how or where it is to be used.  You will need to write simple instructions.

Some useful items might be wire, boxes, cardboard, masking tape, split pins etc (We have glue guns at school)
You may paint it or use vivid, duraseal, stickers, wool, ribbon, bits of fabric (material), plastic bags, packaging or paper, card, bottle tops etc to decorate it if appropriate.

As you decide on what materials and techniques think about:
Does your toy need to move?  If so how are you going to achieve this? 
What is the best way to attach (join) the different parts and any decorations you might like to add?

The Designing of Your Toy (Planning Stage)

You are to describe and draw pictures of the toy that you wish to make.
Identify materials that you need to make your toy.
State how the components (different pieces) are attached (joined).

Toy: My Design
Remember to label each part of your design and include information on the materials you are using and attachment methods.

Equipment and materials needed

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