Sunday, 5 May 2013

Recount Of Our Visit To The Botanic Gardens And Photos

On Monday 25th March rooms 15 and 19 went to the awesome Botanic Gardens to learn about all the different flowers and plants for a school trip. We went by bus!
First we went to the classroom. There we learned how to label a flower properly. We also used a magnifying glass to look at the tiny parts of a flower. Debbie pretended to be lots of flower pollinators.
My favourite part was when we got to plant a Calendula each.
When we got to the Potter Children’s Garden we went in a Giant egg, it was very slippery.
Eventually we arrived at the lovely herb garden. It smelled beautiful! Finally we went to the edible garden. It had oranges, lemons and limes. It looked scrumptious.
When we got back to the classroom I thought about all the amazing things that I heard, saw and smelled at the lovely Botanic Gardens!
By Bella Moyes


  1. The trip was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Mrs Venvelie you rock at trips!:) Awsome story Bella... M!
    Bella F and Charlotte

  2. The trip was fun nice writing Bella M

  3. the trip was intresting. from Emelia

  4. That was so cool thanyou mrs venvile. from Chris

  5. I Like Our Trip to the Botanic Gardens. Alan

  6. Awesome story Bella...M but I didn't think the herb garden smelled nice at all, EW! Man that was one cool trip right? Why did you're work get to go on the blog and mine didn't get to?

  7. The botanic garden was so bright and so colourful
    Abby J